When You Finally Break Up With Your Ego


Do you remember that day when your life took a swift turn for the better? Do you remember that specific moment when you started looking through rose-colored glasses, when everything was just beautiful and life was full of opportunities ready for you to grab? Do you remember the specific occasion you told your ego to shove it (politely, of course) after realizing it had outstayed its welcome? Do you remember sitting down with your ego for that all-important conversation? Do you remember your exact words?

Possibly brewing it a cup of tea, politely patting it on the back, knowing that was the end of an era, albeit not a very productive one. Perhaps thinking briefly of all the moments you shared together, but most importantly really wanting to get it over with, starting with an excuse while ego itself was sweating its head off, knowing it really screwed up this time. You were thinking of a way to blow it off easily, like someone from your past you just bumped into at the mall, embarrassingly trying to excuse yourself from having to talk to them. Maybe you started by saying how great it’s been while knowing realistically that was a blatant lie, then just saying outright that you’re on a different path and you have to take that path alone, how you really tried to make it work but it wasn’t meant to be. Of course ego dearest wouldn’t have it. It would struggle to comprehend an existence where it was on its own. After all, what was ego without you?

Who else was it going to talk to, complain to, or nag to? Who else was it going to convince that it was the center of the universe and all its needs and wants were of paramount importance?

The reign was over. It didn’t matter what it wanted anymore. You were confused for a moment, because it felt like something was missing. It took you but a moment to realise it was a noise, something that had become such a detrimental part of your existence you never really noticed before. You started hearing a new tune. It was a slow realization, an unfamiliar one, but with a more pleasant message.

Without the ego, you could hear the inner voice inside that was always saying everything would work out for you. It had your back. The realization hit you.

The reign of confusion and inner conflict was over.