If You’re Living, You’re Winning


You know how when you’re down and don’t know what to do with yourself those around you normally have one or all of the following responses to give.

“Well, do something; be productive; go out; meet people; it flows from there.”

They’re not wrong. It could literally be the smallest thing, but action works. You could go to the cafe for hummus and that delicious brownie you’ve been thinking of even though you’re going off sugar or at least trying to. There’s no judgement here. We’ve all been there.

This first step of dealing with the world and lifting your head from underneath the sheets is all about you.

Be selfish. It’s about your immediate needs. A moment of no judgement. Embrace it! Be selfish! Get that glazed doughnut! Get two if you want. Walk in the rain with funny hair and hum to the song in your head. Walk a while, then some more. Stop and observe the world around you. Pay attention to people and sights. Interact with those around you. Or not. But smile. Always smile!

Call in sick at work and give yourself a break. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t say, “but I’m supposed to do this or that… or I shouldn’t do this or that.” Honestly, that’s the taunting of a looming nervous breakdown.

So switch off the TV, get off the phone, put on the radio and dance. Laugh at your own jokes. Create your own jokes! They’re the best, right?

Message people and tell them you love them. Do it repeatedly. Become ‘that’ person for the day. Eat. I’m always grumpy when I’m hungry. Write the lyrics to a song. Your song! Jump. Or don’t. Do yoga. Or lie down. Most importantly, breathe! Breathe in and out and do it repeatedly and thoroughly. Smile. Maybe do some face yoga, just for fun. Maybe do it in front of the mirror.

Either way, you’ve started living. You’re already winning.