When You See Them Again


We all those who have loved at least once have faced this. I am not talking about the rush or the heart break or the void we face, because that is what is talked about most of the time. There is yet another time when our world stops, and there is a silent storm raging around us and yet we have to stand still. We have to pretend that it is not happening; we have to just shrug and walk away or continue what we are doing. This happens when the months of trying and crying are finally over and we are back on our normal schedule. We now laugh like we used to, read like we used to. Maybe we have even started seeing other people. You are at your usual joint or just walking through some lane and all of a sudden, out of the blue, you see that person. You see that person who you once felt passionate about, your once partner, your once ‘almost-relationship’ or maybe sometimes your kindergarten best friend who was probably more than your better half. There is no wind gushing like in movies or any angel or devil on your shoulder telling you what to do at that particular moment. You cannot lose your calm. You cannot show you are affected by those five seconds of eye contact or maybe that person didn’t even notice your presence. But even though that person doesn’t matter anymore, those few moments matter because somehow in someway they make a pit in your stomach, throat, heart, reminding you of all those times spent and invested in a mixed up manner. You try to pretend that you are so unaffected like a fly sitting on your shoulder and you even succeed. You don’t exactly stop what you are doing. You just slow down a bit maybe. However, you shake your head, blink thrice the time you usually do, look away, maybe even shrug your shoulders a bit and carry on at your usual pace. That pit may linger for a few more moments but you will be fine. There will be calm again, and you wouldn’t exactly be sure of what happened. You will continue talking or listening to your playlist while sipping on that favourite cup of coffee that you bought. These few moments will have no significance in the future. These will not get added up to your story. But these few moments take away all your senses, leaving you in a weird form of being defenceless. But you will be fine. You will not be messed up. You will be okay.