Why Optimised Intelligence Is The Best Currency There Is


When we normally seek the cause of all of our misfortunes we have a tendency to look outwards and form a mental list of all the potential perpetrators who contributed to our unhappiness. We block off rational thoughts from entering our mind and blindly lunge at any suitable suspect.

In reality, what we refer to as the ’cause’ is actually the ‘effect’ of our inability to see clearly and acknowledge that we are the driving force in our lives. Continuing to live as the passenger might only lead to anxiety and potentially even catastrophe. Optimizing intelligence is key to rectifying that.

I will say I’m referring to that amazing, self-liberating, empowering intelligence that changes all aspects of our lives. It’s helpful in relationships, in our careers, in the way we see the world.

I’ll share my vision with what it is that I believe brings one happiness and an actual purpose in life. In defeats all questions, self-doubt, negativity, depression.

I’ll introduce the concept, as I believe it is the most central aspect of our lives, the navigator to finding our happiness.

There seem to be a lot of definitions on it, interpretations, and at the end it could all get quite mixed up, tied in a not of confusion and misinterpretation. Intelligence is key to happiness and that’s what I personally believe. Now I’ll share with you what I’m referring to.

Human intelligence, mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment.

I’ve picked one, there are many. This one has the interesting addition of ‘manipulate one’s environment’. While the word normally has a negative connotation here it identifies the capacity to build our world the way we want it to be. What’s also true is that human beings by default have that, but many choose to never tap into it, to never take responsibility for their lives and the directions they take.

There’s no template showing us exactly how to do things, but certain concepts are key to success, ‘flow’, ‘flexibility’, ‘change’, ‘movement’, all opening us up to the process of learning (new things), experiencing new conditions and environments and adapting to those appropriately. The ability to adapt to new conditions and utilize new knowledge is key here.

The world isn’t still, it’s ever changing, molding into what we make it into. The refusal to realize our creative capacity won’t stop us from creating; it will simply mean we’re no longer in conscious control of the result.

Intelligence is growth. Intelligence is the realization of growth! Intelligence is the unwillingness to see failure as a hindrance but something else to learn from. Intelligence is the tremendous desire to learn constantly, but also to challenge that knowledge. Intelligence is the ladder that doesn’t have an end because it acknowledges endless potential as a fact and not a dream, a fact based on action! Intelligence doesn’t know procrastination; intelligence is realizing we have immense power and the capacity to be infinite. Intelligence is not dwelling on things outside of us, not dwelling on others’ behavioral tendencies or trying to control and change them.

Being snobbish or judgmental or looking down on people have no place in the same sentence as ‘intelligence’. An intelligent mind knows there’s potential in everyone and a desire to help and increase social well-being is born.

Intelligent people see the beautiful in things, the hidden potential no one else wants to explore and are fascinated by it. They create possibilities out of thin air, out of situations no one else considers fruitful. Intelligence has an abundance of curiosity and the desire to understand how everything works so it can be challenged thereafter. Intelligence wants to break the mould and use it as glue to create more and more wondrous possibilities.

Being intelligent equals being independent and self-sufficient. It defeats the purpose of the desire ‘to please’, ‘to fit in socially’; it rejects ‘fear of rejection’. Independence is so confident it attracts others towards it. And the reason why it attracts others towards it is that it doesn’t have the need to belong anywhere or with anyone. True independence is brought upon by the knowledge that we alone are enough to explore the world, to manifest and realize our dreams, and we alone are responsible for our own happiness!

Intelligence is acknowledging that.

And what about intelligence and insecurities, the buggers responsible for most of our ‘dreamt of’ but never initiated attempts at greatness!

Intelligence is utilizing them, breaking them down and using them just like they’ve used us before. Fear of something? No more. Intelligence is putting that fear against the wall until it starts sweating and surrenders, until it evaporates out of our body to the point of a mere memory. It’s useful as it’s yet another reason to get up and challenge ourselves to greatness!