The Key To Happiness Is Perspective


How are you feeling today?

The answer to that question carries significant importance in regards to your happiness and even wellbeing. Are you satisfied? Are you content with yourself and your circumstances? Are you unhappy with the way things are? Are you expecting or awaiting something exciting to come about or are you pushing against abundance and growth? Are you denying yourself the wealth of happiness and spiritual indulgence?

In life like a train going forward we move. It’s inevitable. But unlike the train that follows the natural rhythm of the track we sometimes pause, cause congestion in our own lives, try to turn the train backwards, to change the destination simply because we don’t actually know where we’re headed. A train with no outbound destination doesn’t go anywhere. It stalls and gets lost in the commotion of the traffic. It barricades itself in between the tracks hoping that somehow they’ll lead it somewhere. No passengers would get on a train with a shaky base. It’s not safe. It’s not certain.

Should bumps occur persevere. Grab hold of the reigns of life. Take control of the journey. We’re all going somewhere, but most of us walk blindly with no awareness of a direction blaming the commotion, getting in and out of ‘traffic’ like headless horsemen on a troublesome journey to defend their right to wander. For wandering it is. In a parallel dimension are people with a vision, with a clear direction and a one-way ticket to abundance.

Value in life doesn’t come from accomplishments. The idea that it does is what causes tension and unhappiness. Value is recurrent. At any one point in time we’re faced with the choice to enhance or alternatively devalue our lives. We have the power to surrender to the notion that we have to work for our happiness. It’s perfectly acceptable should we do so. That’s what society told us, that’s how most of us were brought up. Why change? Why separate from the rest? Why rebel and defend the belief that we’re responsible for our happiness, that we hold the reigns of our lives? It is really not comfortable at first to give up the comfort of being one of many to claim the full responsibility for one’s happiness. It’s much easier to think someone else has done something wrong, including, but not exclusive to our parents, social circle, friends, acquaintances. It’s much easier to claim we never had a chance in life because of circumstances and to spend most of our lives clinging to that notion. If we’re not responsible then we’re not to blame. We can just leisurely waste away a perfectly good opportunity on the basis that it’s not really our responsibility.

It might be just me, but the notion of that sounds preposterous. We have one life; we have one good gift that is beyond anything imaginable. We’ve been given a place in a world where we can be perfectly independent of everyone else and create a vision of a life we want for ourselves. We have a place in a world where a billion wonderful things happen at any moment of time. It’s our choice where we put our attention. It’s our choice if in the morning when we wake up we look out the window and smile, listen to the birds sing, send a good morning message to all the people who matter in our lives, or be displeased with everything, frown at the alarm, dread the commute to work. The choice above is what shapes our lives. Whichever path we take leads us onto more similar experiences. If something unpleasant happens we have the choice to dwell on it or let it go and move on with our lives. It is our choice whether we’re creating a shield around ourselves full of negativity and which effectively hinders our pathway to anything remotely good. Any situation could be interpreted in two different ways. It could be seen as a contrast, which leads us onto something we want instead, or as reminder that our lives are full of displeasing encounters or recurrences. It’s our choice how we define our ‘normal’ because that’s where our journey begins.

Start your day cleansing your path of negativity and see your lives for what they are, a base for the ultimate playground. You can do anything and happiness is here. It just takes a shift in perception to see.