Why Single Women Should Stop Worrying They’ll Be Alone Forever


The topic and idea of love has been an elusive thing in my life for the past years. Actually, being single is not a big deal for me. But if I was living in the past, where getting married at the age of 16 is a norm, I would have been tagged as a sad old maid. And that doesn’t sound good.

Good thing I was born in the 21st century, the era where getting married is not the only option left for women.

I am not totally a prude when it comes to dating, relationship, and love. I also have been thinking about getting into a relationship and experiencing that spark people always clamor about.

But most of the time, I find myself uninterested when it comes to this aspect of my life. I won’t deny the anxiety I feel sometimes about being single. But, I am sure, that these “sometimes” won’t equal to the times that I have been indifferent towards the matter.

Despite this indifference, I am not closing my doors to any romantic opportunities that may come. However, I am not that all enthusiastic to exert efforts in searching the whole globe for it.

I believe that if it is for me, then it will come. However, if in case it doesn’t then I just have to make sure to be ready for my future, even if it means being alone.

I have already decided that in any case I fail to settle down at the age of 30, then I will not waste my remaining life sulking or despising myself for not exerting enough efforts to find a partner.

I would use this time to go back to school and finish a new degree or do things that I have not yet done. I may also travel the world and join other people in helping others. I can’t possibly think of the endless opportunities that I may use with my remaining life.

As I have said, being an old maid doesn’t sound good, and it could be horrible for some. But, I have realized that it is also an opportunity to explore the world all by yourself and learn new things.

Having this kind of plan makes me happy, hopeful and unafraid of the future. I have seen a lot of ladies who are in their 40s and still have not found anyone to spend their life with. Some look a little sad but others are oozing with confidence and happiness in their life.

I don’t know if they are fully happy with their life, but I am pretty sure that they are getting by even without someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

We are now living in the 21st century. Unlike in the past, we are now able to get the most freedom that we want. We are more intelligent and wise about life. We are now living beyond traditions. We are no longer bound by whatever society expects us to be. We can now defy norms and be free and unafraid to be the change that we want.

The idea and the endless cycle of doing good at school, having a good job and settling down is not the only option left for us. Even though this cycle has been with us for generations, it doesn’t mean that it will be a cookie cutter that would define our life.

I believe that marriage is not for everybody. How many marriages do you think have fallen just because it was late for the couple to realize that they are not for each other or that they have irreconcilable differences?

Love is a wonderful thing and lucky are those to have found it. I am not saying that people who failed in this aspect of life are unhappy and unlucky. We have our friends and family to supply whatever incompleteness we might be feeling. They are the people who can give us enough love that we needed.

Empowered women should not be afraid of the future just because they fail to get married. Marriage is not the only thing that we should look forward to in life. Life has given us endless possibilities. We should not contain ourselves in a box that society has set for us.