Why Staying In Your Hometown Is The Worst Thing You Can Do


I remember getting my acceptance letter to the University I am currently attending in my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. It was probably the least exciting thing I think I have ever received. Instead of feeling grateful that I would be able to attend a major University, I withered in the new reality that I would be attending a University that has been down the street from me my entire life.

I was born in Fort Collins; this is the town where I went to elementary, middle, and high school. This town has been my reality for the 18 years that I have inhabited this earth. This is the only town I know.

Now don’t get me wrong; Fort Collins has been nothing but great to me. However, if it’s one thing I’ve realized from my experience at college so far, it’s that no one makes growth in their hometown.

The whole reason I attended Colorado State was because it was the cheapest option (which still is not cheap). But after awhile, you look out the window and start to realize that nothing is changing.

You’re still doing the same things you were doing in high school. You’re not necessarily hanging out with the same people, but some of them are pretty close. You still write the same way, you still read the same way, and you still talk and look the same way.

Although Fort Collins has been nothing but great to me, I can’t wait to leave it. The one thing I took from the commencement at my high school graduation is, “growth is made outside of your comfort zone”. As I walked out the doors of my gym I realized I was not going outside of my comfort zone, I was staying inside it.

The best thing you can do for your self is to leave for a while. I’ll finish up my undergraduate degree at CSU, because I’m fortunate enough to even be attending a nationally accredited University, but as soon as graduation day comes, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone.