Why You Shouldn’t Fear Mercury Retrograde


You hear Mercury is in retrograde and your first instinct is to wait it out in the comfort of your own home. Clearly it can’t affect you there. But in all reality, we all have prior engagements, and although staying in bed sounds lovely, the reality is we can’t. So instead of fearing what this Mercury retrograde will bring you (or, better yet, take away), it’s time to start viewing Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to grow, whether we are ready or not.

Mercury retrograde rules communication and systems. Therefore when Mercury is in retrograde, it causes friction within our communication and electronics, leading to problems with our email and social media, as well as causing things to break. It causes frustrations, and it is known for ending relationships. Instead of getting frustrated, think of Mercury Retrograde as an opportunity to grow.

The reason things break is that there wasn’t a steady foundation to begin with. If we don’t have a steady foundation in our business plans, deals, and relationships, we can’t truly grow and flourish. Mercury retrograde is bringing forth the inevitable. It’s breaking things because we need to realign and rebuild in order to strengthen the foundation and get better in order to have stability.

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to slow down and come back into our bodies, to reconnect with ourselves. But also slowing down in general. Slowing down when it comes to reading and even going as far as reading everything twice so that we know what we are getting into. Slowing down when it comes to our communication so that we are giving ourselves time to hear our thoughts and giving the time to others to respond. When we slow down, we are better able to gain clarity in our minds. When we have clear minds, we are better capable of understanding why a relationship has ended or why a deal didn’t go through. We are able to get to the root of the problem.

We all fear things falling apart; however, in my experience, when everything is falling apart, it’s actually falling into place. Maybe there is something to Mercury Retrograde after all, and it doesn’t involve us fearing this time, rather welcoming it with open arms. Because who wants to say stagnant? Not me.