Will You Fight For Us Or Will We Become Strangers Again?


It’s hard to imagine what things would be like if I never had have met you.

But I did.

You were just a stranger and I saw you from afar. Being who I am, I wanted to talk to you, but decided not to.

Instead, you talked to me.

It felt as if I had known you for years instead of minutes. I don’t know why because I have a hard time connecting with people my age.

But after we met you were gone for a long time. I really thought you were just a stranger, a kind face I would only see once and never again.

I was wrong.

Your kind face showed up one day and approached me again, being open about everything.

You actually called instead of leaving me to wonder.

You were everything I ever wanted. Honest, respectful, attentive, committed, and we barely knew each other.

That says a lot.

My expectations are high and I mean, at that point, you were still just a stranger.

We got to know each other and were no longer strangers. Mother always said “Never talk to strangers,” but if I hadn’t have, you would still be just a stranger.

That one occasion, you told me how you felt and I could say I felt the same. We believed the same things about life and our relationship began to go deeper. Further and further away from being strangers.

Mom liked you. We waited months for their permission which they never got around to. The family was so busy that dad never got to meet you. He wanted to because he could see how much you meant to me.

It wouldn’t have been too late because you still have two months before you have to leave here. But where are we?

On our way to being strangers again.


Because it just didn’t work out.

We still care about each other a lot but you have to consider your life and right now, we just can’t be together.

There’s nothing I can do about it.

If these things don’t work out, why do they happen in the first place? I never asked for you to reappear in my life, so why did you?

It would have been a lot easier now if you never had.

I can sit here and wait for you to be ready or I can move on and let what we had grow distant until it becomes ancient history in my life. How much do you mean to me?

Only time will tell.

When I’m in my last few days of life, I may look at you and smile for all the things we made it through, or I may be looking at someone else, forgetting everything we had.

I’ve done everything I can, so now It’s up to you. I know right now is difficult and you need time to figure things out.

Should I go or should I stay? I might go, but not just yet, even if you let go because right now, I’m not ready to let you go. I’m not ready to let go of everything you are because even though we were just strangers, you cared more than some have after years.

They always say everything happens for a reason, but why was the time so short? There may be over seven billion people on Earth but I have only ever met one of you. You aren’t one in a million.

You’re one in a lifetime.

You don’t have to decide now because you can’t give up your life for me when you just got it yourself. But ultimately it is up to you.

Will you fight for us or will we fade away, becoming strangers again?