Women Are Beautiful Creatures


I love women. I love almost everything about them, and I love a wide variety of them — white, black, big, small, tall short, etc. I find beauty in most girls I see, and so I don’t think that I necessarily have a type.

My type is women; but there are certain features about a woman’s anatomy that are sure to drive me (as well as most other guys) wild.

I love hair so long that my fingers run through it like an ocean. Hair that looks just as good thrown up in a messy bun as it does when professionally cared for.

I love looking into a pair of eyes so beautiful that I lose myself for a few seconds in time. A pair of eyes that I can look into and be so enamored with that I have to actively keep myself in the moment of the conversation.

I love lips so bold that they tease — almost invite — me to press mine against them. Lips big enough to provide just enough cushion so that when I gently nibble on them it doesn’t hurt.

I love touching skin so soft that my fingers become virtually magnetic to it. Skin so smooth that my fingers glide along effortlessly while slowly caressing it.

I love a woman’s breasts. Whether it’s looking at them fill out her shirt, feeling them in the heat of passion, or using them as a makeshift pillow when we fall asleep together.

I love a woman’s bare back — an empty canvas that is a masterpiece of its own. A bare back that that sends a tingling sensation through my fingertips and up my arm when held.

I love a woman’s backside. From the bodacious bottoms that offer “more to love,” to the smaller ones that fit in the palm of my hand when lifting her up for a hug and/or kiss.

I love legs that seemingly never end. Legs so long that I can’t help but admire them when they pour out of a pair of shorts on a summer day.

I love a woman’s heart. Although unseen to the naked eye, I love a heart so big that I feel its presence when she’s around me; a heart so strong that I can feel its comfort when she hugs me; a heart so good that it allows me to truly be myself around her.

I love a woman’s soul. Another unseen — and technically non-existent — object, I love a soul so pure that I genuinely feel like she wants the best for me in life. A soul I love so much that it allows me to see a long-term future with her.

I love women, in all forms; if she has any of these, it’s a bonus. Women are beautiful creatures, inside and out.