Worst Movie in History Scheduled to Become Harsh Reality


So, the truckers of America are scheduling a general strike for October 11-13. The idea is that all commerce conducted via trucks in the US would be shut down for three days. If every truck follows along in this protest then, well, it would pretty much bring the entire country to a grinding halt. It could look like this horrible movie.


Oh my.

When I first read this I admit I got extremely excited. “Finally,” I thought to myself, “the common people who make this country run are standing up to government intrasigence and rampant economic injustice!” Well, I’m sure some of the protesting truckers might be thinking that but according to their Facebook page it’s hard to tell if there’s one single uniting motive here. It seems to be a mixture of Bobby Kennedy Democrats and Breitbart Republicans…which sort of gives me a chubby actually.

I’m convinced most Americans don’t think about truckers and so you might be reading this right now and thinking “meh, that video sucked, this won’t happen” and you might be right. It does seem to be gathering steam, however…get it? The Facebook page claims to have seen well over 2,000,000 views since it’s inception…3 days ago…and it has over 31,000 likes already. That’s a lot for something this seemingly niche.

If this occurs on any kind of meaningful scale and an actual convoy of 100+ trucks drives through DC then it’s going to be nucking futs and it’s going to get a lot of people’s attention and I’m all for that.

Godspeed, Rubber Duck.