WTF, Virginia? Feral Child Discovered Caged in Mobile Home, Eating Herself


Brian and Shannon Gore

In a major WTF, Virginia? incident last week, a young girl was found caged in her crib inside her parents’ mobile home in Gloucester County. According to girl’s father, Brian Gore, she had been there since last summer.

The girl, believed to be between 5 and 6 years old, was in a state of decrepitude. The Sheriff’s Office described her as “extremely malnourished and suffering from severe starvation…[and] covered in feces and in the nude.” One report indicates that she was eating pieces of her dead skin for nourishment.

That’s not all: police also found the remains of a young child of indeterminate age and gender when digging around a shed on the property, which made the charges against Brian and Shannon Gore, the mother, go up from felony child abuse and attempted capital murder to first-degree murder.

Authorities found the young girl when investigating a robbery that lead them to the Gore residence. A homeowner in the neighborhood had accused the Gores of stealing a gold bullion from his home and selling it at an auction house.

Tim Hudnall, one of the Gores’ neighbors, told The Daily Press that he had never seen the girl before, making the incident – in all likelihood – another instance of a feral child. Sadly, a look at the history of these children reveals that the prospects are grim for the young girl. She is currently being cared for at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk.

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