You Are A Magnificent Work In Progress And You Should Never Forget That


As a whole, your life is one big project. Each of us as individuals has a different achievement and goal and within that, each “part” of your project is requires a different version of you.

How you work on those parts is up to you.

But if you’re anything like me, then the best project you’ve ever worked on is you. Becoming aware that working on yourself is not only important but it is absolutely necessary is the first step.

You cannot pour from an empty glass. You have to fill yourself up with so much love, inspiration, and joy that you can pour that onto others. The hardest part of filling yourself up and working on you is having to take a hard and sometimes dark look into what makes you you.

What makes you lose all sense of time.

What makes your face turn red and your heart race.

What it is about yourself that you don’t like.

Digging into the parts of your soul and the parts of your being that you aren’t familiar with is haunting.

But the project is so important.

It’s easy to give to others, and it’s easy to take from others. But when you think of how much you give and receive from yourself does it even out?

The different stages in your life require different mini projects. Maybe it’s a self-love project after the man you thought was your everything didn’t feel the same. Maybe it’s a health project because you are battling demons that you can’t control. Maybe it’s a mental health project – removing memories or people from your life that no longer serve you.

With every stage, with every project, your end mission should be the same. It’s not how successful or great it turned out. It’s what you learned through the process and how different you feel because of it.

You find out your abilities and your independence. You find out what your desires are and how to say no to things you don’t like.

You realize how absolutely important you are. You learn that the biggest project there is, is you.

Keep working.

Keep striving.

Keep thriving.

Because how you treat the project of you, sets the tone for how others do.