You Are Lucky To Have A Girl Who Sticks By Your Side Through Anything


She has stuck by your side even though she should have left a long time ago. She looks at you like the best thing that has ever happened to her even when you are acting like a complete asshole.

It takes you hours, sometimes even days, to get back to her — and even though there are times she swears to herself she is not going to deal with you for any longer — she still texts you back seconds after you finally decide to reply. She never leaves you waiting even though you always make her wait.

When you cancel plans, she tries to schedule a raincheck. She wants to find another day that you are free so she can see you even though the smartest thing to do would be saying screw you and cutting you out of her world for good.

She sees you posting pictures with other girls and notices the names that keep popping up on your phone screen but she keeps pursuing you anyway. She hopes she will be the girl you choose to go home with at night. She hopes she means more to you than the rest of them do.

There have been times when you disappointed her. Times when you insulted her. Times when you proved you weren’t ranking her high on your list of priorities. Despite all that, she keeps giving you second chance after second chance. She lets you get away with anything.

Every time you hurt her, she comes up with an excuse for you. She forgives you. She gives you the benefit of the doubt.

You treat her like a backup plan, you send her mixed signals, and she still sticks around because she cares about you that much. She wants a serious relationship with you. She wants you and only you. She cannot stand the thought of being with anybody else.

You don’t deserve a girl like her. You don’t deserve someone who stays loyal while you are refusing to commit. You don’t deserve someone who will sacrifice her happiness for you. You don’t deserve someone who cries herself to sleep over you and then runs back into your arms in the morning anyway.

More importantly, she doesn’t deserve someone like you. She doesn’t deserve to deal with your bullshit for any longer.

She deserves someone who never makes her wait. Someone who says what he means. Someone who knows how lucky he is to have her and never lets a day go by without reminding her she is loved.

She deserves someone who shows up when he promises he will be there. Someone who answers texts instead of ignoring the notifications. Someone who follows through on plans and puts an equal amount of effort into the relationship.

She deserves someone who appreciates how hard she loves. Someone who gives her what you never could.

You would have been lucky to have her, but that’s too bad, because you have already proven you are not worthy of her.