16 Hilarious Ways To Explain Exactly What A ‘Splenda Daddy’ Is



A man who strives to be a Sugar Daddy but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off. She was all excited that she had finally landed a Sugar Daddy until he rolled up in his Accord. It was then she realized she had landed a Splenda Daddy, instead.



When the guy your dating isn’t a millionaire, but still trys to spoil you.



Someone trying to be a “sugar-daddy” but financially cannot, so this is the next best sugar substitute! My Splenda-daddy took me to sizzler for dinner and we went shopping at Ross dress for less too!!!

Splenda G


An older man who dates younger women but nowhere near as wealthy as a “sugar daddy.” Not quite the same as the real thing. My Splenda Daddy works for the City and his car broke down when he took me to the Club that has no cover last night.

— Legendssd


A man who goes on sugar daddy dating websites, pretending to be a wealthy, individual of vast financial means in order to attract women and get laid. He willtalk up a big game about having a mansion, several fancy sports cars, a yacht, and property in Belize, but you’ll never see any of it because they don’t exist. This is all just a ploy to get in the targeted woman’s panties, which some women may stupidly allow, despite having secured any financial benefits beforehand.



An older man that is rich and is excellent physical shape. He is most likely on HGH or some other form of steroids. His sugar intake is minimal, therefore he has to be a splenda daddy. Splenda Daddys usually only date woman 20-30 years younger and will also wear clothing WAY too young for them…i.e converse and fancy belts with shiny belt buckles.



A suitable substitute for a sugar daddy, without the crash. Financially sound, smart with investments, and too attractive to have to pay for it.



A man not able to financially achieve the status of being a sugar daddy but still plays out the lifestyle through a unsustainable dependency on plastic. Wealth is not defined by cash or assets, but by the confidence and perception that is reinforced through the man’s credit card limit.



A term coined by Cindy B. Gilbert to describe a broke man attempting to be a sugar daddy. (Other artificial sweetener brands suffice as well for this term.)



A man who is willing to be a sugar daddy, but has a serious lack of funds.

word diva


a younger version of a sugar daddy, a wanna-be sugar daddy, a sugar daddy in the making, or a guy who’s not quite a sugar daddy b/c of lack of disposable income.



A Splenda Daddy is a man who buys a women fashionable and fabulous fashions because he wants her to look her best. No sex involved, just shoes … and bags, and clothes, and maybe a vacation or two. Splenda Daddies look like sugar, taste like sugar but don’t have all that extra calorie bullshit!



A guy who wishes to be a sugar daddy but doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.



A less rich form of a cinnamon papa. Will invite you out to dinner but cannot expect him to pay for your dinner…or his for that matter. My splenda daddy took me out to dinner yesterday, but I had to pay for all the shit.

tabasco luver


A daddy who pays you for your company and not sexual favors.

— LionBroad


A man who gives a lady money but gets no sugar.