You Are More Than What Society Tells You To Be


You are more than what you wear. You are more than the stolen glances or the lingering stares when you pass by the subway, or a group of boys who call themselves men. You are more than the names they keep on calling you when you are walking alone after a night out with your friends. You are a sea of wonder, with waves only someone brave enough could dive into and surf.

You are more than what they say. You are more than the curves on your body or the excess numbers on a scale. Your body is not a defining factor for you to conquer the world and brave the uncertainties. You are more than what you put on your face or the marks you try to conceal. Never be ashamed of your scars and bruises because like a warrior, it signifies how strong you are as a person. And though society has led you to believe that you should follow certain standards to be called beautiful. Chin up, because you are already precious from the day you were born. And no one could ever tell you otherwise.

You are not a passing chance. You are not a temporary home that any man could come into whenever they want. You are not a temporary warmth when someone feels the need to release heat. You don’t deserve a man who only calls you because they need you. You don’t deserve to be held back when you finally realize what you deserve. You are not to be leashed. You are not to be left in a place wrapped in nothing but white sheets. You are worth more than that.

You are worth more than your mistakes. You don’t owe anyone, anything. Your mistakes are your lessons. And whatever you did, society has no right to tell you, you aren’t worth it because you are. Your choices whether good or not does not make you less of a woman. And apart from that, you are art in its highest form. You deserve all the love a real man could give. You deserve someone who will bask in your masterpiece.