You Are My ‘First Corinthians’ Kind Of Love


In times when my negative thoughts will consume me. In times when I put doubt in front of you. When unbelief and non-contentment would come right at me. Thank you for being patient with me. For reminding me that most of my worries are not actually happening. And for assuring me that you won’t leave me – that you’ll always be there for me. For patiently waiting for me when I run late. For putting up with the things that I enjoy doing. And for going out of your way for me. You have always been patient with me.

Your unshakeable loyalty and your unwavering love make me want to travel the universe with just enough speed to collect the stars and bring them back to you, because you deserve it.

You’re the kindest person I know. Pure-hearted and real. I remember all your stories. From each telling, I could feel the pain you felt. And at the end of the day, you still always choose to forgive.

You’ve caused me to feel a slight twinge in my heart. A beat that I haven’t felt for a long time. Your fingers are always gentle when you touch my hands. The gentleness makes me feel soft and safe. You are enough for me.

You are humble in every way. You are the epitome of humility and love for others. When they said that love does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud – it reminded me of you. With no uncertainty and no doubt, I knew that it was referring to you.

You have shown compassion to everyone and I admire you for that. I could ask ten people how they perceive you, and ten out of ten would say how compassionate you are. You never mistreat others and you have never been self-seeking. And that only proves how rare you are, how good of a catch you are.

Remember when you told me something about forgiveness? I learned how considerate you are and how understanding you are. Since then, it’s reminded me to always respond with forgiveness and compassion, because love is not easily angered. And so you are, my love.

I want to thank you for the sense of protection that I’m feeling. For the trust. And for giving me hope. Because here I am, giving love another shot.

I want to thank you for loving me. I may not seem to understand why you chose to love me but still, for whatever reason that is, thank you for making my heart happy. Since the day you came into my life, I’ve thanked God for leading my path to you. We don’t know what His plans are for us, but surely, with Him at the center of this, we’re off to a good start. I can’t wait to make more adventures with you. I love you. Always.