You Don’t Have To Win The Breakup


First of all, let me explain.

If you don’t agree, the end must’ve been pretty bad. You told him “I love you!” and he said the same thing to you and to three others. He must’ve had a hot temper; whenever he ran out of patience, you became the punching bag. He might’ve said he’ll try his best to change –to be that guy for you.

He said you’ll work it out but you never did and the blame fell on you.

No one enjoys failed relationships. Apart from the emotional roller coaster ride, there’s also the question of who’s the winner and who’s the loser.

The pain of breaking up is too much already so being the loser is NOT an option. If you can still salvage your pride from the remains of your mad love, you’d do anything. You don’t want to leave knowing he has the upper hand, especially if you know you’re the victim. Life should vindicate your ordeal by allowing him to lose.

In your opinion, what he did was unforgivable. He hurt you, made you feel like utter crap. He took you for granted. He lied to your face. He played with your heart, turned you into a fool. Despite the genuine love you gave, he took advantage of you. And now, here you are.

I understand the anger, the want to win. If you’re going to be honest, sudden death isn’t enough. He deserves a slow and painful torture till the end of his days. Like a criminal, he should pay. And because you’ve been wronged, you do all it takes to achieve justice.

For hours, you rack your brain for ways to get back at him.You talk behind his back, spread the bad news. You end up stalking on social media, seeing if any girl was too stupid enough to fall for his bait. If you can’t have him, no one can. He doesn’t deserve that happiness. You end up making eye contact with a guy, envisioning your ex’s jealousy when he sees you in the arms of another–of how he wasted a good catch.

Frustration sinks in when things don’t go according to plan. He can’t win, you can’t lose.

Let me stop you right there. Ask yourself: is it really worth it?

Do you gain anything when you spend countless nights scheming? Does it help when you constantly fish for news about him? Will it do you any good if you seek ways to avenge yourself?

All ties were cut the moment you parted ways. Why do you still care about the guy who never cared in the first place?

When you keep seeking payback, you’re making it difficult, not for him, but for yourself. You lead your heart towards more pain, inviting higher doses of unnecessary stress. It also drives you crazy, doesn’t it? When you learn new things about him, does it help you move on or pull you three steps back?

Don’t waste your time on someone who wasted yours. Yes, you want him to suffer but some battles aren’t worth fighting anymore.

Investing more time on a guy who took you for granted is one of them. People have this tendency to run after the pain; don’t be one of them. Run away from ANYTHING that binds you to the memory of him.

Everyone deserves to win — not the breakup — but at life, especially you.

You’ve been hurt too much; now is the time to patch the broken pieces. You don’t need to ruin his life to fix yours. If you do, you’ll make things worse. Whatever he does is none of your business anymore. Instead, help yourself and get better.

I’m not saying tolerate what he did. Just trust the process. People will always reap what they sow; he’ll get what he deserves but you don’t have to deliver it. He’ll realize it sooner than later. In the meantime, stop throwing yourself at him and start living towards the future.

In my case, I leave it all up to the Almighty Being upstairs. I know He’s got me.

Life’s too short to feed on bitterness, hate, or guilt. Don’t dwell on these negative aspects. Instead, love yourself by breaking free. As long as you meddle with his life, he’ll always keep you captive. You’ll miss out on things that matter. Do yourself a favor and just let go.

You don’t have to win the breakup; win at life. Don’t be vengeful–be joyful. Believe me, you deserve it.