You’re Not Pretty, You’re Beautiful


Dear Self,

You are NOT pretty.

You might think you are but you’re wrong. You see yourself in the mirror and consider yourself okay, but the unfortunate truth is: you will always fall short.

Do you have long legs meant for the runway? How about eyes capable of drowning a man’s soul? Do your cheeks blush enough to capture smiles?

If no, then you certainly are not pretty.

It’s hard to admit but you have a difficult time looking at other girls. With their red lipstick and seductive curls, your plain Jane doesn’t stand a chance. Their appearances demand the respect and admiration from others, which you feel you can never do. Everyone loves them and sometimes, you notice how they bask in the attention of others.

Every day, you compare yourself to them. These girls can make heads turn and hearts fall for them. Tell me, when was the last time a guy looked you in the eye twice as long? Did anyone ever tell you how pretty you looked? And I’m not talking about your dad or your brother.

No? There you have it.

You try so hard to be like those girls. You put rouge on your cheeks and plump your lips. You style your hair in all sorts of ways: up, down, left, and right. You shun the idea of another bite; there’s no point in gaining an extra pound.

Trying is all you ever did. You want others to notice you, to tell you that you are pretty indeed. You exert all of your efforts to be pretty. To be honest, it’s very exhausting. But at the end of the day, you will never be like them.

Self, it’s about time you face the facts: you are not one of those girls. You’re not pretty. Why?

Because you are BEAUTIFUL. You might not believe it, but you are. Let me explain.

You’re not pretty because you’re more than that. You’re a beautiful girl who fails to see the potential she’s got. Maybe this happens because you keep subjecting yourself to the world’s standard of beauty. In reality, the world’s standard is too high and if you continuously compare yourself, you will never see the gorgeous woman inside.

It’s frustrating when others don’t notice. I know, it hurts when people brush you off. Still, their opinion does not determine your worth. Just because they think other girls are prettier than you, that don’t mean you’re less than beautiful.

Every girl is different and that’s what makes you special. Sure, you’ve got dashes of zits or you experience difficulty fitting in your pants, but that’s what makes you who you are. Can you imagine if every girl looked the same? You wouldn’t stand out–you’re just like everyone else.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you a secret: a girl is beautiful when she knows it herself. No, I’m not talking about bragging her looks. She is beautiful when she is confident in her own skin. A gorgeous woman also embraces her imperfections. Who cares if you’ve got small eyes or wide hips? These are proudly yours–own it!

When others see how much you love yourself, they will love you for you. No amount of make-up or skimpy dresses can compare to the natural beauty that lies inside. Appreciate what the good Lord gave you and it will radiate from within.

I know that after this you’ll struggle believing in yourself. But I just want you to know that I believe in you. At times, you’ll fall for the world’s standards again; you’ll be jealous of those girls once more. When you feel like it, just remember that you are different and so are they. You possess inner beauty that no one can take away from you.

So self, give yourself some credit. It doesn’t hurt to put blush or lipstick, but relying on these too much is not the solution. You’re not just pretty –you are a beautiful human being, inside and out. I hope you remember this every day because you are.

Trust me, you are.