You Should Date Someone You Can’t See Forever With


I will love you till my last breath. I will be yours, forever.

But what is forever?

How do I know when my last breath is?

How am I supposed to know?

All I know is I will love you fiercely, truly, madly, crazily, deeply till I have no more to give.

Love doesn’t have to be true only if it lasts forever. Life is anything but a fairy tale. My love may not be perfect, but what is perfect? I will love you like the wild passion. I will love you like the seven colours of the rainbow with a tinge of black and grey. I will evolve with you, blossom in our love, dance in the silent beats of our romance. I will run with you and get lost in the mazes of our lives. I will lick every crease of your soul. My love will burn like the end of a midnight cigarette. I will love you like the sunshine and moonlight on your shoulders.
I will love you like there is no tomorrow. I will kiss you longer. I will taste you slowly. I will breathe you deep. I will touch your soul. I will hold you like we are saying goodbye. We will make it spark. We will make our own light.

Let’s just twirl in the room of smoke. Let’s just feel the whisper of our breaths. Let’s just surrender ourselves.

We will be better. We will be wiser. We will be lovers with no track of time.

And, when we have given all that we could, we will part our ways.

We will be put up mature faces, wish each other the best and just leave. We will flash our unfailing smiles and kiss for one last time. And, finally say goodbye.

Love arrives when it must. Love leaves exactly when it should. When it leaves, turn off the lights, relive all the madness and then go. Set yourself free. Rediscover yourself. Soar up the sky. Get yourself ready for your new venture. But make sure to leave that door open for someone else to be welcomed again. No matter when; no matter who; no matter how. Just love. Let yourself grow into love and watch yourself grow out of it. Live in the thrill of it. We are old souls in young hearts willing to love just a little more, just a little longer without the burden of “forever”.