Your Eulerian Destiny: Finding The Right Path In Life


When a young person first ventures out into the world, it seems like the possibilities and pursuits are endless. We have a variety of careers to choose from and a number of different industries to choose from. How are we supposed to be able to pick the right one? In my former articles I talked about finding a career that is engaging and leads you to finding your purpose on this planet. It can seem like a daunting task at times. Many people find towards the end of their lives that they may have wasted much of it doing something that wasn’t really “them”. Its hard for young people to imagine ourselves decades from now. The job you have can start out as “something I’m just doing for now”, and then obligations like children can lock one into settling into their position because the bills must be paid. We get one life, thats it, and our time here in the universe is infinitesimally small in the grand scheme of things. Why not go big? What is the point of being practical really? You can’t take all of your materials with you when you die, so why work so damn hard to accumulate them? I want all of you to find your true destiny in life and today I’m going to give you a framework to help you find it.

I learned this concept from a successful author and entrepreneur named Tai Lopez. You may know his named from his top 20 ranked Ted talk. This idea is called your eulerian destiny. The concept comes from something called a eulerian graph. It simple terms its the result of intersections made from the edges of different areas. What I want you to do is draw four circles that overlap with each other.

The first circle will be about what you grew up around. I come from an educated family. My mother and father are both college graduates and my mother has two Master’s degrees. I went to private schools with specialized teaching programs. For that I am very grateful. I know not all of you come from the best circumstances, and thats ok. It can still be a tool you can use to form your destiny. Successful media mogul Oprah Winfrey grew up in a very broken home. Oftentimes, on her tv show, she dealt with domestic issues. This is example of how her upbringing can be seen in her eulerian destiny.

The second circle will be about stranger feedback. Stranger feedback includes the things that people you don’t know point out to you. This is a good indicator of your strengths and talents because they have no incentive to lie to you. I was always told things such as “You are very smart/articulate.” I have also been told that I am a great salesman and have a nice voice. What do strangers say about you that stands out?

The third circle will be about what you have been doing for work for the past 5 to 10 years. If you are 18 this may not be as applicable to you, this one is geared more towards established adults. Most of the jobs I’ve had involved customer service and sales. Even if you are not in your ideal career, you still have gained some relevant experience nonetheless.

The fourth and final circle will be about what you can talk about effortlessly. For me I have always been fascinated with ideas. I love expressing the way that I think, especially when it goes against the conventional wisdom of our society. If you’ve been following my posts im
sure you already knew that. So what can you talk about with ease on a friday night when you are hanging out with your buddies?

Now take a look at the four areas and take a while to see where they all meet. It may take some time and some serious thinking. I’m still in the process of defining and refining my purpose. Its something I do on a daily basis. Its something ill continue to do until the day that I die. Its something I think you should do too.