Your Tumblr Dashboard Probably


A picture of a couple from Glee.

Two guys from a TV show who talked once and so now someone has taken that encounter, added a Photoshop filter and some Demi Lovato lyrics and it’s SUPER romantic.

A beautiful girl looking down and sad, with white text reading, “I just always feel alone.” Has 100,000 notes.

A video of Daily Grace being hilarious. Watch it. Have your life changed.

Cupcakes made to look like a rainbow.

Someone has anonymously asked someone else on Tumblr if they’re single and that person has responded quite cleverly, making you suspicious that they asked themselves in order to look cool.

An animated gif adding cuss words to a scene from Harry Potter.


A screen grab of a naked anime girl. Oh god why?

Someone taking two characters from completely different franchises and imagining conversations between them if they were to ever “meet.” Someone reblogging that with “I ship it.”

A recipe for roasted garlic and cauliflower soup that looks amazing but that no one “liking” it will ever cook.

A grown woman who identifies as a toaster going off on someone who made a joke about appliances being sentient. Words like “ableist,” “transphobic,” and “racist” are used. For real.

A gif from a UK quiz show; perhaps Jimmy Carr insulting someone, or Simon Amstell tossing his curly mane. Bonus points if Josh Groban or Noel Fielding are involved.

A video of clips from Doctor Who set to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor.”

Someone being very offended by something you don’t quite understand. It has 25,000 notes.

A feminist blog wants to boycott Louis CK.

A picture of a cat that looks like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.

Big black text that says, “The Awkward Moment when…” and then a gif of Jenna Marbles making a face. All the reblogs say, “Omg this is me!”

A reblog from some girl’s fashion blog who is prettier than you could ever be even if you got plastic surgery, dieted for 700 years and walked around in great lighting with a fan blowing your hair behind you.

A picture of a Disney princess, modernized so she looks like one of the women from Sucker Punch.

The cast of Community drawn so that they’re in different Hogwarts houses.

A porn gif featuring James Deen. Hell yeah.

Two lesbian characters from TV making out. Caption reads: “True Love!!!!”

A picture from Lord of the Rings with a Mean Girls quote over it.

A peanut butter and jelly cake which everyone has replied to with “Mind. Blown.”

Gorgeous Steve Madden high heels you’d never be able to walk in or have anything to wear with. Like them.

A handwritten piece of paper with Bright Eyes lyrics on it like, “I need some meaning I can memorize” or “So that’s how I learned the lesson. That everyone’s alone. And your eyes must do some raining. If you’re ever gonna grow.” 500 zillion notes.

The words “Sometimes I miss you” in white over a picture of a tree.

The same picture but someone added the words “r dick” to the end of the sentence in red so now it’s HILARIOUS.

An audio file of a hot guy covering a girly Taylor Swift song.

A news story blown wildly out of proportion with each resounding reblog.

A really life-like drawing someone did of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes making out shirtless. Right click, save. What shut up you don’t know my life.

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