13 Signs You Care About Him More Than He Cares About You


1. You carry every conversation. He never sends more than a two-word text. You have to keep coming up with exciting stories to tell, otherwise the conversation will die. 

2. You are much more affectionate. You tell him you love him and he rarely says it back. You grab for his hand and he pulls away. You want to look at him during sex but he would rather look at the walls. 

3. You are there for him emotionally and he is only there physically. Whenever he has a rough day, you ask him about it. You comfort him. You make him feel better. Meanwhile, he never even notices when you are upset and gets uncomfortable if you cry in front of him. 

4. You only hang out with your family. He has met every single one of your relatives — from parents to siblings to cousins — but you haven’t met any of his friends or family yet. You never get invited over to his home for dinner or holiday parties. You barely know anything about his childhood. 

5. Your gifts are significantly more sentimental than his. You have spent entire paychecks on him. You have handmade items for him. You have taken hours out of your week to search for the perfect present for him. But he has never given you anything that has wowed you. 

6. You are always the one planning dates. You are the one in charge of picking the restaurant and deciding what time you’re going to meet there. If you don’t take responsibility for planning the evening, then a date doesn’t happen.

7. He forgets little things about you. You’ve told him your boss’ name ten times and he still doesn’t remember it. You feel like you have to repeat yourself over and over again before information will sink into his brain, even though you remember the most insignificant details that he gives you. 

8. He is the only one orgasmingIn the bedroom, you are always the one on top. You are always the one giving oral. You are always the one left feeling unfulfilled when the night comes to an end. 

9. Sometimes you have to double text him. There are times when he ignores your texts completely. You have to send him a second text to get his attention, otherwise he would never remember to contact you. 

10. You get more excited than he does. When you talk about moving in together or getting married, you’re the only one who seems excited. He talks about your future together casually. It’s like it doesn’t make a difference to him whether you stay together or separate. 

11. You are always the one rearranging your schedule. You have to maneuver around his plans. If he’s only free on Saturdays, you tell all your friends you’re busy that day and make sure your boss doesn’t schedule you to work that day. You put in effort to make sure you have time to see each other — but he never does the same.

12. You are the only one who gets upset. You get upset when you spend too much time apart. You get upset when you have a disagreement. You get upset when plans are canceled. But he doesn’t care enough to get upset. Not seeing you for a few days doesn’t really bother him. 

13. Milestone moments don’t matter to him. You remember what he was wearing and what song was playing during your first kiss. You remember the first time he said I love you and where you slept together for the very first time. But he doesn’t remember anything like that. He clearly doesn’t care about the relationship as much as you do.