22 People On What They Learned About Love And Relationships The Hard Way


Found on AskReddit.


“What you put into the relationship will not always be returned equally.”


“You can be great people separately but combined you can be horrible together (i.e., the ‘milk and orange juice’ postulate).”


“Staying way, way too long. I learned it’s better to be alone than in a crappy relationship.”


“They’ll still say they love you even if they don’t.”


“The other person is a human being with their own thoughts, opinions, and feelings. They may not feel or think the way that you think they do. You may be happy and think things are going perfect, but they may see things differently. Because of this, communication is the most important part of a relationship. Otherwise, someone is gonna get hurt.”


“Don’t get fucking lazy. Its way too easy when someone loves you for who you are to slump into a comfortable stagnation. Make that person fall in love with you again every day.”


“People change every day. You may not always be in a relationship with the person you started with.”


“I learned a lot of things, most of all…it can be extremely lonely when you are with someone that doesn’t really love you.”


“You can’t force it. And the more you try to force it, the harder it breaks apart.”


“For me it is that being in love with an immature person can cause as much pain as being in love with a bad person.”


“Sometimes people fall out of love, and relationships aren’t always happiness and bliss.”


“Being used is not the same as being loved.”


“Don’t lie to your SO. Somehow and some way they will figure out the truth…then you are screwed.”


“When your SO breaks it off with you, let them do it. Don’t hang on thinking you can fix it no matter how much you still care for that person.”


“1. That people need to be confident and happy with themselves before they pursue other people.
2. If someone is expressing their concerns to you, don’t dismiss them or think they’re over exaggerating—try to see things from their perspective.
3. Never lash out and hit those ‘pressure points’ no matter how mad you get; the damage is irreparable.
4. Don’t lie—not even once. Once again, irreparable.
5. Sacrifice your own convenience at expense for your partners (within reason: i.e.; picking up chores, going out of your way to grab something, doing something nice to make them happy) if you’re aware they’re going through a tough time; always do for others what you would do for them, and if you wish someone would do something for you, then do it for them.
tl;dr: don’t be a dick”


“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Like dishes in the sink, the way they make the bed, the noisy way they blow their nose etc. Basically, don’t be a nag, because it will grind the person down and that’s not cool.”


“No matter how much you think you can trust someone, that trust can be broken.”


“Possessiveness and jealousy do not equal love.”


“If they can’t choose between you and someone else, don’t wait for their decision. If they love you and want to be with you, they’ll be with you without having to choose.”


“Don’t be a pussy. If the feelings are lost, move on.”


“That time you spend with someone? You will never get that back.”


“’Nothing is wrong’ doesn’t mean ‘nothing is wrong.’”