Why No Woman Should Let Her Cheating Ex Boyfriend Ruin Her Future


When you first met your last boyfriend, things were perfect. You would stay up late at night talking on the phone, knowing that you had work in the morning. Who needs eight hours of sleep when they’re falling in love? When he first held you close, pulled you deeper into his arms, and sought your lips with his mouth, you wanted the night to last forever.

You were crazy about this guy and thought you had a future together. Eventually, you realized that he had flaws, but as you got older you were willing to compromise. You even introduced him to your parents because, after all, it seemed like the right time to settle down.

Then one fine day, you find out he’s been having an affair. You had a feeling he had been sleeping with “that bitch” all along. And when the reality sets in, you try to control the sobs, but eventually break down in tears.

A few months later, you’re still scarred by his act of infidelity. You’re not willing to let down your guard and you’ve embraced the “all men are dogs” mantra. So, effectively, you’ve let one asshole ruin your entire outlook on dating.

However, in this case, your past experiences and your future experiences are mutually exclusive. So it would be silly to let your ex dampen your attitude towards all men moving forward.

All men are not the same. There are good guys out there. Sure, everyone is prone to making a few errors along the way. Heck, a good guy might even flirt with a cute girl in front of you on occasion. But he’ll quickly realize his error and ensure that he does not continue with the foolishness.

There will always be temptations out there, whether a man is in a committed relationship or not. Women will be drawn to him. And it’s natural for him to feel good about himself when a pretty lady compliments him. But, notwithstanding all these distractions, you need to know that there are men out there who will do whatever it takes to remain faithful.

Eventually, you will meet a man who’s worthy. He will lean into your body, gently put one hand on your face, and kiss you. As he peels off your clothes, you’ll sense that he’s not just making love to you to fulfill his carnal desires—but also because he needs you.

So when an attractive man has to courage to approach you and engage you in conversation, give him the benefit of the doubt, no matter how badly the last guy burned you. Because you never know when your personal Prince Charming will show up.