50 Delicious (Healthy) Foods To Snack On Instead Of Devouring A Full Bag Of Doritos 


Ask Reddit has some healthy food suggestions to replace your chips and ice cream.

1. Plain popcorn. A cup of air-popped popcorn only has 31 calories, and high in fiber. Studies have found that popcorn will fill you up more than other popular snacks such as potato chips. It is also high volume, having pretty much the same nutritional value as a popcorn kernel. It’s also delicious.

2. I used to go for a family size bag of salt n vinegar. Shred it without realizing until last bits….

Switched out for jars or pickles. Worked like a charm. It solved that crispy sour tangy craving and zapped calories. I’m down at least 40 lbs since I swapped to pickles a few years back

3. Grapes. I take them all off the stems when I buy a bunch and put them in a bowl in the fridge. I just take the bowl out and munch on those when I want to snack on something mindlessly.

Also maybe not as healthy as you would like, but way better then Doritos is tortilla chips and guacamole. Better if you get a baked variety but I just do regular chips. The guacamole fills you up pretty quick so you don’t really eat as many chips anyways.