A Series Of Dating Disasters



Starting numerous Netflix box sets only to be forced to abandon them halfway due to collaborative factors including but not exclusive to being ghosted; being unable to cope with dating schedule/workload pressure; end of a two-week relationship to realize continuation of a box set isn’t worth monthly subscription fee; various more factors.


Continuous hair changes after the end of the said two-week relationship and the devastating effect it has on one’s hair quality. Being forced to save for multiple conditioning treatments which cause a strain on bank statement. Indecisiveness about which hair change best suits one’s image.


Not being in need of hobbies as time being otherwise occupied.


Decisiveness to grab hold of one’s life so as to be super dateable and on the very top of the dating pool. Said decisiveness facing blockage as a result of point number three.


Being super fit (or supposedly so as to attract other fish in the big fish sea) as said other fish look for mainly fitter fish. Exercise or extensive walking is done to abide by fish standards. Even more so observe other fish and give numeric appraisals from 0 to 10 identifying the said fish as dateable or not dateable.


Extensive consumption of alcohol and familiarisation with various hangover solution methods. Predominantly at new locations where menu hasn’t been tested yet and familiar faces can’t be run into.


Over-familiarity with many useful apps like Uber which one needs after said alcohol consumption and evidence of uncharacteristic drunken behavior.


Having a lot of lists (mental or otherwise) desired in individuals one is to date. Falling in love instantaneously should a person cross them all. Said person finding it difficult to keep up with said expectations as have only met five minutes ago.


Crossing over said lists as useless. Reaching the inspired conclusion that life is different to lists and should one be mature enough said lists are irrelevant as it’s the person that matters. Subconsciously still thinking of said lists. Beating oneself up over reluctance to give up lists.

Such drawbacks being heavily emphasized by our low self-esteem having been countlessly rejected by strangers we shouldn’t concern ourselves with.