Do Not Settle For Mediocre Love When You’re Lonely


It’s only human nature to crave for love and affection. The thought of sharing your life with someone else is exciting. The feeling of being loved and adored inevitably brings comfort and joy. There’s no harm in longing for a love to compliment you. It’s an amazing idea to have a special someone in your life.

But while you’re in search of love, understand that a relationship isn’t supposed to fix you. You need to feel complete and comfortable on your own before you’re able to share your life with someone else.

A person can be a part of your happiness but your happiness should never be dependent on them. The notion of needing someone to fill the void in you is unhealthy. Don’t let your quest in finding love turns into a desperate cry for help.

Learn to recognize your worth and not let it be defined by others. So you shouldn’t settle for anything less than you deserve especially when you’re lonely. Do not allow yourself to accept some mediocre love just because you’re hungry for affection. And you certainly don’t have to be in a relationship just because everyone around you is in one. You’re responsible for guarding your own heart and you owe it to yourself to find a love that is worth your time and effort.

Remember that your happiness is important. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own happiness in order to save someone else from their own misery. Do not feel guilty for not being able to reciprocate the love that you received. Love shouldn’t be forceful to begin with.

You’re allowed to be more selective and cautious when you’re finding love. You’re also allowed to walk away from the love that isn’t going to help you grow as an individual.

Therefore, settle for the love that is kind, patient and sincere. Choose the one who proves their love to you through actions and not just words. Be with someone who motivates you and inspires you to be a better person. A real and honest love is rare, so if you’d find it, do not let it go. Therefore take your time to find the love that you desire because it’s your heart you’re entrusting them with.