This Is What Wellness Looks Like


Wellness is not one size fits all.

Wellness looks like running 10ks and training for marathons.
Wellness also looks like riding an exercise bike slowly, three days a week.

Wellness looks like eating until you are full and then stopping.
Wellness also looks like eating when you are full, because something looks delicious.

Wellness looks like wearing a size 5 dress.
Wellness looks like wearing size 12 jeans.
Wellness looks like fluctuating between a size medium and large.

Wellness looks like sleeping eight hours a night, seven hours a night, or nine hours a night.
Wellness looks like sleeping six hours a night and taking naps.

Wellness comes in the form of beautiful, soft rolls and curves.
Wellness comes in the form of sharp edges and angular lines.

Wellness sometimes looks like well defined abs.
Wellness sometimes looks like wide hips and a wide waist.
Wellness looks like narrow calves.
Wellness looks like muscular arms.
Wellness looks like a wide waist and narrow hips.
Wellness comes in every form.

Wellness means sometimes weighing 5 pounds less.
Wellness means sometimes weighing 10 pounds more.
Wellness looks like weight fluctuation and transformation.

Wellness means practicing self care by watching netflix all day.
Wellness means practicing self care by doing yoga and drinking green juice.
Wellness means hiking mountains and swimming laps.
Wellness means writing poetry and journaling in a diary.
Wellness means eating comfort food to feel better.

Wellness looks like eating three meals a day.
Sometimes wellness looks like eating four meals a day.
Wellness can mean grazing on food all day, and wellness can mean having three snacks one day.
Wellness looks like eating foods that are nourishing and satisfying.
Wellness looks like like eating donuts and sweets.
Wellness looks like satisfying your body and your soul through food.

Wellness looks like having a morning routine or evening ritual.
Wellness also looks like having a flexible morning or evening.
Wellness looks like falling somewhere in between.

Wellness means being comfortable in your own body, in whatever shape or size it is.
Wellness also means learning to be comfortable in your body, in whatever shape or size it is.

Wellness looks like smiles and joy.
Wellness looks like tears and sadness.

Wellness can mean taking antidepressants every morning.
Wellness can mean seeing a therapist for panic attacks.

Wellness means not having any food rules.
Wellness means giving your body permission to tell you what it needs.
Wellness means working towards a place of body acceptance.

Wellness looks like having tons of friends and acquaintances.
Wellness also looks like having one best friend and a few other friends.

Wellness looks like thighs that rub against each other.
Wellness looks like thighs that do not touch.

Wellness can mean cellulite and skin lines.
Wellness can means muscular calves.
Wellness can mean angular shoulders.
Wellness can mean soft legs.

Wellness means feeling in touch with your mind and your body.
Wellness means seeking a positive relationship with yourself.
Wellness means remembering to love yourself even when things are blue.

Living a life of wellness is living a life that gives you permission to be free.
Living a life of wellness is living in a place of flexibility and change.

Living in a place of wellness is living in a way that allows you to flourish.
And to flourish looks different for everyone.