Piece Of Cardboard Shaped Like iPhone 5 Currently At Over $240,000 Bid On eBay


Thought the iPhone 5 was overpriced? It’s nothing compared to this iPhone 5-shaped piece of cardboard, now over 150,000 British pounds — over $240,000 — on eBay.

The piece of cardboard has the following features:

No Display – just your own eyes looking at a piece of cardboard. Real HD, fully colour, no lost pixels. Quite brown.

No camera – You don’t have to take photos of your ‘friends’ or your own disappointed face when you realise this really is just a piece of cardboard.

No Video Recording – If you want to see something just look up from your piece of cardboard and watch it happen. Full HD, surround sound.

Wireless Technology – This being a piece of cardboard, it needs absolutely no wires to function.

Design – Even thinner than the iPhone (probably) and at the same time you are far less likely to get mugged.

Battery Life – This is a piece of cardboard so doesn’t include a battery. No more hopeless power saving techniques or borrowing chargers from people you don’t really like.

Eco – Fully biodegradable and recyclable.

Sharing capabilities – You could rip or cut up and share this with probably more than ten people. But why would you want to do that?

Unique – If your thing is being individual and different then this is the product for you. Never be embarrassed by someone using the same gadget on the tube. Guaranteed to make you feel superior and cool, this is way ahead of the times.

No More Annoying phone calls – This one speaks for itself. The piece of cardboard on the other hand, can’t speak. It’s just cardboard.

Durability – Literally just a piece of cardboard. You probably shouldn’t get it wet.

This is just a piece of cardboard. If you bid on this item you are promising to pay money for a bit of rubbish. If you win you will receive a piece of cardboard in the post. Don’t expect anything else. No refunds when you realise you wasted your money on a piece of cardboard.

Pretty impressive, for a piece of cardboard. While the listing is a 4chan troll, the bids are real — at least until someone wins. Until then…

Bid now or forever hold your peace.

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