Texting Hillary Clinton Is A Boss


A bad-ass photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton texting while wearing “Deal With It” shades has been turned into a meme via the Tumblr Texts From Hillary Clinton. It’s times like these that I love the Internet.

The original photo is a meme-maker’s dream. In it, Clinton looks totally cool, calm and ~over it, perfect for shooting off sassy barbs to other government officials like Colin Powell and Anthony Weiner from the comfort of her spacious G6. Everything around her is chaos, but Hillary’s got it under control.

You go, Hillary Clinton. I hope you really are in Washington DC laying the smack down and handling everyone’s crap. As Tina Fey once said in support of Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign, “B-tch is the new black.”

Get on board with Texts From Hillary Clinton before it falls into meme purgatory with Texts From Bennett and Sh-t Girls Say. Your mom will be linking it on her Facebook in about a week.

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