Trailer Park: New Movies Featuring Beavers, Gay Sons, and Rose McGowan


Seriously, 50% of the reason why I even go to the movies is to watch trailers. They’re so melodramatic and moving and oftentimes better than the actual movie they’re trying to sell. Here are five trailers for upcoming blockbusters. Prepare to laugh, cry and die.

Battle: Los Angeles

Why is L.A. always getting blown up in movies? I know the city has its problems and attracts some really gross people but it doesn’t deserve to get massacred in every disaster movie. New York City is laughing from 3,000 miles away, content in its safety and saying, “Go ahead guys. It’s your turn. We’re exhausted.” It’s hard to tell whether this movie will be good or bad because there’s no actual dialogue in the trailer, just a lot of explosions and mystified expressions. I’m a sucker for films that give me anxiety so I’ll be first in line regardless.